Yesterday was a day of all things dumb.  I left around 4pm  to go skate the ramp at De LA Barracuda in Hollywood. Now usually there is no traffic heading in, so why did i sit in traffic for 40 Min’s then you might ask?

Because who ever did this was as fucking dumb as the rocks he was hauling! Thanks for wasting 40 Min’s of my life.

Rock & Roll X J.Dragonette

Rock & Roll X J.Dragonette

Ticket X J.Dragonette

Ticket X J.Dragonette

Ice cream Paint Job X J.Dragonette

Ice cream Paint Job X J.Dragonette

Dumb thing # 2.

What is this you might ask? Is it a baby panda bear? Nope. Is it a stray cat? Nope Then what could it be? Well if you must know, it turns out to be one of the dumbest animals i have come across. Its a dead possum. How did it die? It got its leg caught in the fence. Now you might be like come on, it go its leg caught, not really that dumb. What i mean when i say caught is that one leg was through fence, the other wasn’t. All it had to do is step through. Pretty fucking stupid. Guess you felt like feeding your self to all the stray cats in the neighborhood. Thanks for that.

Ant Farmer X J.Dragonette

Heads you win X J.Dragonette

Hurtle x J.Dragonette

Tails you lose x J.Dragonette

Buffet X J.Dragonette

Buffet X J.Dragonette

1 comment
  1. benj said:

    HAHA! The rock n roll is the sickest. NIcely done!

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