Sorry for the lagging posts. Its been a hell of a past few weeks. Lots of crazy stuff going on. But i decided in my travels to bring my little film camera and document it in all its randomness. Not sure how its gonna piece together but im gonna try and work it out for you. Shall we begin?

Bronson + J.Dragonette


Meet Bronson. Went and saw this movie before heading to Laguna for Fish’s Install at the museum. If you havent seen this movie you are missing out. Best one i have seen all year. Watch the preview here.. BRONSON.

Moving on…..

Storage + J.Dragonette

I also had the grand old-time of moving before i headed to Laguna . Off to storage to clear it out. I hate bloody moving!



Caravan + J.Dragonette

So we got everything moved out and into the new place in case you care. Went to bed and when i awoke my Caravan had arrived. It was a fairly quick trip for me. Fish, Marr, And Coons had been driving all day.

Music Machine + J.Dragonette

When we made it to Laguna we were welcomed with an apt, and a fridge full of beer. So we got right into it, no use  putting it off.

Stock + J.Dragonette

surprisingly after a pretty late night of Grolsh drinking we all woke fairly early…. maybe it was because  of the loudest construction ever going on outside our diggs, or maybe it was because we where all so eager to explore the town of Laguna.

Tracks + J.Dragonette

We headed to the beach only to find out you couldnt do a single thing down there. No smoking, drinking, farting, sun bathing, swimming, or touching the sand. The only thing it seemed like you could do was be homeless and live there. Oh yeah and this.

Drink + J.Dragonette

Who the fuck lets their ugly toy poodle drink out of the fountain made for human mouths. I know dogs are supposed to have the cleanest mouths, but i just got done watching this one lick its ass to no end and now you are gonna let it drink from there? You my dear, suck at life!

Shock + J.Dragonette

Jeremy and Coons shocked at what had just gone down.
The rest of these photos are kinda random shit we did when we werent working. Dont need much explaining. Plus i gotta go take care of some stuff and dont have more time to write. But check in tomorrow for more models in small clothes!

Short shorts + J.Dragonette

Grace + J.Dragonette

Desert + J.Dragonette

Legal + J.Dragonette

FIsh + J.Dragonette





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