Most of you probably have never heard of Canvas Magazine and there is a reason. It’s from Mexico City and written in spanish. Besides that it’s actually a really rad magazine and I have done work with them in the past.  They asked me if I would wanna have an interview in the upcoming issue and of course I agreed. Except I had no idea I was going to have to give them a photo of me. So with a 2 hour dead line I did what I could and came up with this. So get out your Spanish to English translation books and check out the interview. When you are finished with it let me know what it says cause I failed spanish in Jr. High twice and have no intentions on tying to figure it out. Enjoy!

Self Portrait for Canvas + J.Dragonette

Page 2 + J.Dragonette

Page 3 + J.Dragonette

  1. gooch said:

    Dont know what the fuck it says but right on holmes. Pirate lookin ass

  2. ZDragonette said:

    Well done! Arrrrrr your booty shivers me timbers!

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