Got back a few rolls of sickness. A bit of thanksgiving celebrity gaming, bike swap meet, gingerbread house building and of course the random shit in my daily travels. Have a looksee!

Oprah + J.Dragonette

Porky pig + J.Dragonette

Spock + J.Dragonette

Harrison Ford + J.Dragonette

Bruce Willis + J.Dragonette

Super Mario + J.Dragonette

Staying warm + J.Dragonette

Ballon Knot + J.Dragonette

Dolls + J.Dragonette

Tree + J.Dragonette

Ginger Bread House + J.Dragonette

Animal House + J.Dragonette

Stretched + J.Dragonette

Indian + J.Dragonette

Door Knob Shifter + J.Dragonette

4Q + J.Dragonette

David Mann + J.Dragonette

Fake Knockers Fake Everything + J.Dragonette

Sick + J.Dragonette

Want + J.Dragonette

Bad News + J.Dragonette

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