Hello there Strangers. Sorry i have been lagging on the posts. Been a bit busy. Thought you might find this humorous, I know I did.
I went out the other day, I think to my local Seven-Eleven which happens to be on my corner. On my way there I couldn’t help but notice everyone in the street staring up in the sky. Now due to the number of pigeons in my hood i tend to keep my eyes out of the sky for fear of getting a sloppy shit right in my face. But the suspense was killing me so I tilted my head up and scanned the tops of the buildings. What glorious sight did my eyes behold. It looked to me like a crack whore either taking a dump out of the window or showing off her goods. Either way, another reason why you don’t look up round here.

Ass Out + J.Dragonette

  1. nancy said:

    oh my god!

  2. nancy said:

    oh My

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