Yesterday was a special day for 2 reasons.
1. It was Keith’s Birthday
2. It was April Fools day
With those 2 things in mind we set out early to start the days festivities.  10am we met up at the Pantry for a big hearty breakfast to power us through the day as well as soak up some of the booze we were about to partake in. It was Delicious.
After breakfast we set out to Hollywood Park to place some bets on the ponies. A turn off the wrong exit, a trip through the hood and we finally made it to our destination. A short pit stop in the casino proved to be a bleak and miserable place smelling of cafeteria food, cigarettes and Stetson Cologne. We  jumped ship on over to where the real gamblers hang out. Hollywood Park. No live racing so we where left to bet watching the simulcast from Santa Anita. A few first timers, with some beginners luck  we where placing bets with the pros. Keith nailed it right in the ass on the 4th race with the 4,5,9 horses. A few of the other guys hit some winners to but we all pretty  much walked out of there breaking clean. On to the next activity.
LA GUN CLUB time to fire off some rounds. We already stank of Booze, reefer, and stale cigarettes might as well add some gun powder to the mix.
3 Lanes, 7 men a 50. Cal S&W revolver, 9mm, 12 gauge shotgun, .45 cal 911, .38 special, and some crazy ass SKS rifle.  Time to kill shit!
Our lanes looked like zombie land, and we tore through those S.O.B’s like we where fighting god damn terrorists. It got ugly.
After that it was back to home base and off to one of the best burger joints in the city. Umami Burger. I did to many hits of Jameson from the flask so i opted to leave my camera behind for dinner.
In a nut shell, sickest day ever. Check out the photos below to see.

April Fool x J.Dragonette

FlapJacks x J.Dragonette

Biscuit x J.Dragonette

Lumberjack Breakfast x J.Dragonette

Full x J.Dragonette

Left Overs x J.Dragonette

Fools x J.Dragonette

Casino x J.Dragonette

Prep x J.Dragonette

Nailed It x J.Dragonette

Hippy x J.Dragonette

April Fools x J.Dragonette

Empty x J.Dragonette

Entrance x J.Dragonette

Lunch cart x J.Dragonette

Withdrawl x J. Dragonette

order up x J. Dragonette

Spiced Beer x J.Dragonette

Research x J.Dragonette

Empty Chairs x J.Dragonette

Fly Zone x J.Dragonette

Switch-a-roo x J.Dragonette

Ankle Warmer x J.Dragonette

Positive x J.Dragonette

4,5,9 x J.Dragonette

Cat Woman x J. Dragonette

I.D. x J.Dragonette

Arsenal x J.Dragonette

Stock x J.Dragonette

Target x J.Dragonette

Aim x J. Dragonette

Dead Hostage x J.Dragonette

El Death x J.Dragonette

Full Load x J.Dragonette

Sgt. Marlow x J.Dragonette

kill zone x J.dragonette

Head Shot x J.Dragonette

Zombie Land x J.Dragonette

Birthday Hat x J.Dragonette

1 comment
  1. acress said:

    we call the ‘ankle warmer’ an ‘oh boy!’.

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