I arrived in SF on sat to help prepare for our trip to Europe and more importantly Jeremy Fish “The road Less Traveled”  shows in germany. We had an early morning flight so we decided to pull an all nighter and try to sleep through the long and boring flight. I shot some photos of the last day at Jeremy’s studio.

Full Face x J.Dragonette

Light Table

Scraps X J.Dragonette

tobacco x J.Dragonette

After a flight that seemed to last forever we finally touched down in Düsseldorf at 7:30 A.M. We headed to Cologne in Tuesday morning traffic and made it about an hour. The next batch of photos are from the last few days of exploring Cologne in i kid you not winter weather. For some reason unknown to us it is literally almost freezing cold. We went and saw the famous church the Dom  (Dome), ate CurryWurst,  took a boat ride on the Rhine River, Drank Kölsch, ate Schnitzle, drank more Kölsch, ate more Schnitzle, walked around down town, and figured out we are also staying in the gay section of Cologne. Sick!

Caution x J.Dragonette

Cock x J.Dragonette

Scary x J.Dragonette

Dome x J.Dragonette

F. Police x J.Dragonette

Boat Ride x J.dragonette

Flags x J.Dragonette

Currywurst x J.Dragonette

Gay Sex x J.Dragonette

Giant Schnitzle x J.Dragonette

Half Way Mark x J.Dragonette

German Treasure x J.Dragonette


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