So after waiting days for the art to get released from the nazi customs agents  it finally arrived.  With 24hrs to hang the show and paint a giant mural Mr.Fish and i got straight to work. We started by hanging the show except we had problems finding the right tools. The galley had a hammer but no nails, a screw driver but no screws and a fold up old wood metric tape measure from 1941. Needless to say we where off to a bumpy start. In the end we prevailed. Jeremy crushed the mural like the  German army in WWII and the opening was a victory!  To celebrate we went to the best schnitzle in cologne before the opening, it was truly an amazing experience. The schnitzle was the size of an elephants ear but that didn’t stop to dudes from pounding through it and coming out champs. Although the waiter found our victory over the giant schnitzle a bit under par, we clicked beers and walked out with a smile and a gut ache just in time to make the opening.

After the opening we headed up to old country to see a 800 yr old castle and see if we could find gnomes and dragons. The castle was more of a museum and they wouldn’t let me take pictures. I snuck a few but not before getting yelled at in german. Then i was followed the rest of the time. So there are only a few for you to see. Since i wasnt allowed to shoot i did one better. I chipped off a piece of the  800 yr old castle and stuffed it in my pocket down in the caves. Figure if i cant have a photo to remember it, then i will own a piece of it. So if you ever wanna see it let me know, you can come over and  i will even let you take a picture.

Here are some photos of the mural going up, the show, and our travels to the country side the day after the show. Be sure to stay tuned to see our journey to Amsterdam.

Set up x J.Dragonette

Size up x J.dragonette

ladder work x J.Dragonette

detail x J.Dragonette

Finishing touch x J.Dragonette

Mural x J.Dragonette

Best Schnitzle in Cologne x J.Dragonette

Crushed x J.Dragonette

full house x J.Dragonette

Signing x J.Dragonette

Inren Down for the count x J.Dragonette

Old Town x J. Dragonette

Village x J.Dragonette

Cave x J.Dragonette

Miner x J.Dragonette

  1. larissa said:

    Looks almost as bad-ass as the show at Okay Mountain in Austin 🙂
    Wish I were there guys!

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