After a disaster in the Hamburg airport which consisted of our flight being canceled for unknown reasons, being put up in a shitty hotel, a rescheduled flight from hamburg to Munich, Munich to Warsaw, a missed connecting flight, and 5 hr layover, we finally made it. Thanks Polish air, you rule. Even though we where off to a horrible start we kept our moral up and decided to see Warsaw with a positive attitude. Swanski hooked us up with a great flat in the middle of the city and a grand welcoming dinner. The weather in Poland had been a bit sketchy, lots of rain which has been causing the country to flood and some serious storms.  It finally broke and we got a few beautiful days which we spent cruising the city and even made it out to the Polish country side for a Bbq and fire with Black Granny.
Jeremy and Swanski did a collaboration show in a crazy abonded building which is one of the oldest standing buildings in Warsaw. The opening went well, the natives loved the work and the celebration went on late into the night.
A huge thank you to Swanski, Veronica, Paula, Matilda, Mariska, and Agnieszka for looking after us in Warsaw and showing us an amazing time!!! You guys Rule!
Back to America for us………

5 hr Layover


View from the flat


Rainy days

Stormy Nights

Old Town

Old Town Cruise

Host Family

Old Towner

War Scars




Mr. Fish

Mr. Swanski

Fish x Swanski 1

Fish x Swanski 2

Fish x Swanski 3

Fish x Swanski 4

Carpool to the country side


Saw Horse

Country House


Polish fags

Wild Wild East

Death Roll

Polands Jem

See Ya!

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